Your Friday Literary Haha & Update

One of the things my fans have said is that I don’t share enough updates about what I’m working on. I’m trying to remedy that. If you didn’t see my picture on Instragram (just joined this week, still am figuring it out), Facebook or Twitter, I went a little DIY-crazy the other night and constructed myself a temporary home recording area. The reason? I’m a huge audiobook fan, and I’d really like to make sure all of my novels eventually get released in this format. If nothing else, so that I can listen to them. Consequently, I’m debating narrating the audiobook for HAVE GOWN, WILL WED. I’m doing some tests this week, and might post some clips soon to get your opinion.  As you might expect, my DIY recording studio looks like something that was thrown together in an hour and a half in the back of someone’s garage, but believe it or not, it serves the purpose:

home recording studio slash beer cooler


And because I like to share things I find funny and that have to do with books, I send you off for the weekend with this clip from Jimmy Fallon, performing the theme from Reading Rainbow, in the style of The Doors:

Your two cents appreciated: