You always have time for what you make a priority

Just thought I’d take a minute and share this truth, because it’s transformative once you accept that it IS true and just learn to go with it. And like most undeniable truths, it’s radically simple. If you want to do something, truly want to do it, you WILL make time for it. 

Mind. Blown.


Do you want to learn how to speak Swahili? You’ll make time for it. 

Do  you want to take a hike this weekend? You’ll get up early and haul your ass out to the trails.

Do you want to learn how to shear sheep? Um, okay. I don’t really get why, but if you really want to learn that… I mean truly WANT to learn that, you’re going to be spending your time with some mothereffing fluff balls. 


And if you want to write a book, you’re going to find time to write a book. It might mean waking up an hour earlier in the morning, spending your lunch hour with a laptop, or jotting down things in a notebook while you’re waiting in line to pick up your kids, but you’re (I’m) going to find time to finish that damned manuscript.

And YES, there are exceptions. There are times when you actually CAN’T do what you truly want to, no matter how hard you jimmy jack your day and your life. But, in all fairness, these times for 98% of us (a very scientific number with no scientific backing) are either temporary, or not as far outside of our control as we think they are. If you’ve said to yourself you’d like to do something, ANYTHING, and you can’t find the time, ask yourself – is it really because you have no time, or because you make no time? 

When I was writing my first book (unpublished), I told myself I was going to do it three months, even though I estimated it would be 100K words long, and despite the fact that I had to two school age kids, a daily 70+ mile commute, a full time job, and all the regular mom/wife stuff on top of that. And that’s a hell of a lot, people. But I did it. In fact, I wrote 120K words. How, you ask? Simple: 1. I gave up TV, 2. I cut back on reading, and 3. I dedicated myself to writing from the time my kids went to bed (around 9 PM) until midnight each night. Was it tiring and a little stressful? Yes, but I was able to do that because I made it a priority over all those other things (TV, reading, and ample sleep) so I could reach the goal I wanted to reach.



So if you’re struggling to find time to do something, ask if 1. you really want to do it, and 2. if you’re willing to take the actions really necessary to do it. If you find yourself dragging your feet or making excuses, ask yourself if you’re just day dreaming (which is FINE – it’s fun and enhances your creativity) or if it’s something you truly want to do. If the latter, then get to work gettin ‘er done.  


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  1. Well stated! and can’t wait for this one to be finished! Keep at it! You got this!

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