Pure Souls, Book 3

Pure Souls, Book 3

You’ve waited far too long, and you don’t have to wait anymore. It’s here. Book #3 in the Pure Souls Series went live last night.


And to celebrate the release, I’ve marked down the first two books for a limited time. But that’s not the only thing that’s around for a limited time, and I want to be sure y’all have a head’s up. Over the last year, I’ve been playing around with having my books enrolled in the Kindle Select program. For those of you unfamiliar, Kindle Select allows authors increased visibility and marketing opportunities on Amazon in exchange for having their titles available on Amazon sites exclusively. Like many things, there are pluses and minuses with this sort of arrangement. As readers, I understand there are some of you who don’t particularly care for Amazon, or have an ereader that can only open epub (as opposed to Kindle books). However, as an author, I’ve had a tremendous experience with increased readership by using Kindle Select. I have decided, therefore, to keep most of my novels enrolled in the program. However, when it comes to Pure Souls, I know many of you originally came to the series through a non-Amazon venue. This is my compromise:

PURE & SINFUL and ONCE YOU GO DEMON have temporarily been made available on BN.com and Smashwords for the discounted price of .99 and 1.99, respectively, and only until October 7. If you have friends you’d like to introduce to the series who use Nooks, Sony eReaders, etc., please let them know they need to hurry! (And I promise I’ll do the same thing when book four comes out.)


Your two cents appreciated: