Why I re-released the book formerly known as Have Gown, Will Wed.

The indie author world is weird. W-E-I-R-D. But usually, that’s a good thing. The oddities of this little corner of the publishing industry allows authors to approach both their craft and their business in ways traditional publishing isn’t equipped to.

One such area where this is true is in the case of the re-release. Always had regrets about the way a book turned out or was received? Good news, as an indie author, you can go back an change it.

When I originally wrote Have Gown, Will Wed back in 2014, I was in an odd place in my writing career, especially as it overlapped with my personal life. I was trying to write a romance that both pleased readers, and kept the factional interests I deal with every day quelled. What this resulted in was a work that fell short of my original vision, and frankly (and fairly) disappointed readers, many of whom complained (and fairly) that Rosalind and Xavier’s love story faded to black right where you’d expect a contemporary romance to heat up. They also complained (did I say, “and fairly” yet?) that there wasn’t enough Rosalind and Xavier’s friendship development, something which was alluded to in the subtext but which I decided at the time to parse down. Now, let me pause here and clarify one thing: I don’t change my books merely to suit the market or just because readers ask me to. However, in this case, the readers expressed thoughts I’ve had since originally released HGWW back in 2014. So, a few months ago, I decided I was going to take it down and rewrite it the way I should have to begin with.

In essence, the story hasn’t changed. The names and faces of the involved have not been changed to protect the innocent. The name of the author has. Here is another benefit of the indie author life: the ability to rebrand. I developed a second pen name, Mari K. Cicero, several years ago to publish new adult and young adult fiction, although I’ve released only one other title under that name. As I was rewriting HGWW, it seemed to me that while the characters might be a little on the older side of New Adult romance, the themes and conflicts Rosalind and Xavier face bare a striking resemblance to other NA titles. I won’t straight-up call The Start-Bride NA romance, but I do think some who read in this genre may recognize it as such. As I move forward while looking back, I decided that the re-release would be better aligned with the Mari K. Cicero platform.

Now, for the big question. Should you buy The Start-Up Bride if you already own Have Gown, Will Wed? My simple answer on this is going to be, only if you want to. However, because I think it’s unfair for those who do own HGWW to purchase TSUB (yes, I love acronyms) just to read the few additional new chapters (including the steamy love scene many were looking for the first time), I will send any in this position a free copy of the new book in either Kindle or ePub format. But, sadly, because some have taken advantage of similar statements when I’ve made them before, I need some sort of proof. This could be a screen capture or picture of your e-reader, or a screen capture or picture of your ebook vendor account showing Have Gown, Will Wed present. Just send it to my email, along with which file format you’d like. 

And finally, a request. If you were one of the kind individuals who left a review on Have Gown, Will Wed, would you consider copying your review over to The Start-Up Bride? Because this is technically a new title, the review from the first incarnation will not carry over, and I would be ever so grateful if you were able to help out that way.