Well, yeah… Just a whole bunch of stuff aka Killian’s all-in-one ball of blog posting of awesomeness.

I can’t think of a snazzy title, so let’s just call this “Killian’s all-in-one ball of blog posting of awesomeness.”


The 12.21.12 blog tour, organized by Yara at “Once upon a Twilight” is 1/3 the way in and going strong. My thanks to Yara and everyone who has already or is to yet participate.  Don’t have a copy of 12.21.12 yet? You can win one at several stops on the tour. See here for more details.

Calling all Michiganders, Ohioians, and Ontarions… I’m coming your way.

Next stop in the 12.21.12 road tour is Southeastern Michigan. I’ll be appearing this coming Monday, March 14, 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM at The Book Nook in Monroe, Michigan, and in a joyful occasion for me, at the South Rockwood Public Library  on Tuesday, March 15, 5:00 PM in South Rockwood, MI. This one-room library, about the size of a one-car garage, was my door to the outside world for many a year growing up, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to return as an author. I’m hopping I can find a book or two that still has my name on a card in the back. I know where to look. 🙂

Next month, Los Angeles and the RT conference, which leads me to…

Romance Trading Cards

So, a week or two ago, Jeannie Lin, author of “Butterfly Swords,” came up with the great idea of authors offering Trading Cards this year at RT and RWA (to be held this summer in New York City.) Whereas the RWA  events are restricted to registered participants, the RT book expo and book fair in Los Angeles is open to the public (for a $5 entry fee). Participating authors have prepared so really fantastic designs, which you can see posted here.

For 12.12.12, I’ll be offering the following trading cards:

2 Comments  to  Well, yeah… Just a whole bunch of stuff aka Killian’s all-in-one ball of blog posting of awesomeness.

  1. Rebecca says:

    The tour is awesome! I am posting my review on the 16th and I am enjoying all the other reviews. Are you coming up to New England at all? I am in MA and would love to get the chance to meet you 🙂

  2. killianmcrae says:

    No plans to come out East this time, much to my chagrin. Perhaps later this year or next year. I do adore Boston.

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