The year of adulating, or: Bitch better manage my money

2016 is going to be my year of “Adulting.” I figured with 40 right around the corner, I should start doing “adult things.”  No, not THOSE things. Never those things. Adult-Things. Like: plan for my financial future.

This one really gets me because I hear some people talk about trusts and 401k and IRAs and I’m like, “Oh, yeah, sure, I got an IRA. Gershwin. I have his complete library in mp3s.” At 25, it was easy to roll my eyes, change my baby’s diaper, and say, “Yeah, I’ll figure all that out some day. Can you hand me the Balmex?” But as I realized recently, my gray-to-black hair ratio is flip-flopping, and it might be possible some day should be sometime next year.

Also on my list: being a best-selling writer by the time I’m 30.  Still working on that one too.

But money, that’s serious yo. I don’t want to be one of those people who stumbles towards a gray zone of retirement without any plans of what to do or how to pay for it. And I certainly DON’T want to be one of those people who just daydreams I’ll live off government benefits. I want my retirement to be a plethora of well-funded rainbows and sunshine and drinking wine on the Amalfi Coast.

Another thing I should do in 2016: try wine.

So it seems I should stop thinking about the thing, and just do the thing. (I totally stole this concept from Amy Poehler’s book, Yes, Please, which I’m currently nearly done reading.) But now I have to figure out all this adult stuff like investments and divestments and divergents and stuff.  And, I… am lost.

What do you do? I’m talking to YOU, the people out there who are actual Adults and have thought about this stuff, and better yet, done something about it. Do you use a financial planner? This seems a very adult thing I should do, but I haven’t gotten around to yet. Do you have any books you recommend? Hit me up, because I’m clueless.

Do you have any recommendations on a newbie wine? Yeah, you can post that below too.

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  1. Sarah Allan says:

    It depends on what you want to do. Definitely talk to a financial planner or professional. If you want to draw money and not get taxed on it during retirement, a ROTH IRA is a good bet–it’s funded with after-tax money now. A Traditional IRA is funded with pre-tax money (as is a regular 401(K)) and has the benefit of lowering your taxable income now, but you will be taxed on it when you make withdrawals in retirement. There are better definitions online, so Google them. Honestly, what’s going to work for you all depends on what your goals are.

    As for the wine, I’d recommend going to some tastings–you can try many wines in small amounts that way. Find out what you enjoy drinking. Red, white, dry, sweet, somewhere in between.

    • Killian says:

      I see those advertised (wine tastings), so that’s a good idea. I have a 403(b) (the equivalent of a 401(k) but for non-profit company employees) that I’ve been funding in small amounts since I was 22, but I feel like I should be doing more at this point. Thanks for the pointers.

  2. Colleen C says:

    19 Crimes. It’s a nice red blend and mild enough for someone new to wine. I have a financial adviser but it’s not for everyone. You have to know how much you owe and how much you have and take ownership of your finances. Find a budget app or budget book. Make a basic budget and go from there.

    • Killian says:

      I’ll look up 19 Crimes. As to debts, I’m wholly on top of that. Other than my mortgage, I’ll be debt free by April. (I don’t expect that to last; DH needs a new car and he has luxury tastes. Plus I have one kid in college and another in high school, so still under those obligations.) Still, good to start somewhere.

  3. Charity Chimni says:

    I should start adulting too lol. Currently I contribute to my 401k at work the max amount that my employer matches. And that’s about it lol. And I’m not a wine drinker, so can’t help there lol. Good luck with the adulting!

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