THE VESSEL: so, um, where is it?

It’s coming, I promise. Just wanted to give a few clarifications and updates:


  • In my last post, I stated that the updated book would be uploaded around 12/15/13. It has not yet been uploaded. As many of you know, I’m not a full time writer. In fact, writing is one of only three jobs I have, and combined with mommy duties and holiday/end-of-the-year stuff… well, things got a lot busier in December than I anticipated. I am on schedule to upload the new edition sometime today, however. Then, it will just be a question of how quickly Amazon updates. It should be live tomorrow. YOU’LL KNOW IF IT’S UPDATED BY THE CHANGE IN THE COVER. The new cover will include the title “12.21.12: The Vessel.”
  • I also said in my last post that the ebook would be free today on Amazon. Unfortunately, there’s been an unforeseen technical glitch with my publishing account. Amazon has been working with me for the last ten days trying to resolve this, but at this time, it isn’t fixed. As soon as they have figured out the solution, I’ll pay up on that promise to make the new version of the book free, and announce it as broadly as possible. The best way to know when this will be is by subscribing to my email list through this link. (This will also help you stay in the loop for all my releases and promotions.)
  • For awhile, both the paperback and the audiobook from the previous edition will be live, but these will both soon be disappearing. The paperback should be live again in a few weeks, and the audiobook in Spring.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Your two cents appreciated: