The parts of my body I hate and wish I could change

We all have them, right? Instead of deny it, let’s talk about it. Here are mine:

I wish I could see things from other’s perspectives more willingly. I wish I could shut my eyes and not have to see all the injustices done. I wish I could look out to the distance and see my future not cast in the gray shadows of my own self-doubt.

I wish I would use them to speak wisdom. I wish they communicated to others the wishes I wish for them. I wish they would learn to still when arrogance or overconfidence emboldens them.

I wish I could learn to hold it higher, being proud of my work, my books, my decisions. ME.

I wish I could hear other views, and not jump to judgement. I wish I could filter out the voices that seek to belittle and condone me. 

I wish I could give them more. I wish I could use them in the fruitful prospect of building, of learning, of pulling others up. I wish they would clap in joy, and shake the heavens. I wish my fingers would tame and not point when struck.

I wish I could get it moving more, instead of wasting time, sitting in chairs, archiving the data of not-going-to-keep-you-from-dying-someday, or procrastinating because I fear success as much as failure.

I wish they would support me as I kneel, learning to be humble, learning to be strong even when asking for help. I wish they would bend and help me meet others half way.

I wish the would walk a path of pride, and that they would tramp down the weeds of conflict to make wide and easy the path for those who follow in my footsteps. 

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  1. Nice post, Killian. Definitely something to think about.

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