SWIPES: July 15 “12.22”

This is from a sequel to 12.21.12 that may or may not ever see the light of an ereader:

An alley… Yes, the alley. He turned the corner. The short corridor leading to a grimy brick wall covered over in cryptic graffiti was no more than tomb turned on its side. Within steps, he had reached the end- in more ways the one.
His pursuer didn’t feel the need to rush.  The figure and the outline of the weapon in hand silhouetted against the street light. Any face light may have revealed lay trapped in the shadows of its own daunting figure. Still, those eyes… The jade-colored and calculating eyes shown through. Slow, measured steps told the hapless victim that his pursuer meant to savor this moment.  A great injustice had been done, and the crime had lain in the fetid waters of vengeance and stewed for years. There was no way the victim would rush himself through the stages of vengeance. 

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