SWIPES: conTEXTual roMANce snippet

Time for a Sunday Work In Progress Engaging Snippet, or SWIPES. This week, a little preview from my July 1 ebook single release, conTEXTual roMANce. It’s a secret admirer story set firmly in the digital age. In the below scene, Katherine Beck and her secret suitor, Shy Textman,  have their first date. A virtual date (VD), that is. They agree to go see the same movie separately, then discuss in a series of text messages afterwards.

Sitting alone in the dark surrounded by couples who were so obviously early in their non- VD relationships, and thus in that groopie/touchie stage, was more than a little uncomfortable. Still, the dark of the theater lent itself well to allowing my mind to wander. I could imagine a faceless man pressing into my side, whispering in my ears, “Why don’t we skip this and just head home?” And the over sexualized tone of the film didn’t help to suppress my libido at all. By the time the movie was over and I made my way out, I was considering several topics of conversation to open with Shy, and none of them would have been allowable under the Employee Code of Conduct on email. Thank god our relationship had progressed. Some couples did S&M, we did SMS.

Your two cents appreciated: