Sunday WIP Snippets

Welcome to my new post series: Sunday WIP (work in progress) Engaging Snippets.

Each and every Sunday (well, most Sundays), I’ll post a brief snippet from a piece I’ve worked on over the last week. This week’s piece comes from my contemporary romance WIP, Snapped. 

Taryn hated dining out, and nothing… nothing on this menu looked appetizing.  Hell, it was barely even pronounceable. She’d need a degree in linguistics just to order an appetizer. How her aunt downed this fru-fru stuff was beyond her.  Swiss chard and cote fetePieds paquets? Foie de veau? Was she ordering lunch or an invasion of Germany? Even the idea of the one thing she did recognize as English, cream of mussel soup, turned her stomach. Exactly from which part of the mussel did the cream come?

Your two cents appreciated: