So, I’m doing something a little… unusual

12.21.12 was my very first published novel. At the time that I was writing it, I had a very definite plan for the plot, and for an ending that was very in line for something in the speculative fiction genre. For reasons of reality at that time, I changed the original ending to make the book marketable as a romance. While 12.21.12 has a loyal following who’ve enjoyed the book as is, there have been more than a few who’ve mentioned to me or in reviews that the end of the book didn’t match the rest of it, that it sort of resolved too nice-and-tidy. Mind you, while I respect everyone’s opinion, I don’t write my stories to fit with anyone’s particular expectation. However, in this particular case, since that was also my expectation, I agreed with these comments.

In recent months, I’ve had a number of readers contact me to see if I was planning to continue the Altunai series, something I had said at some point I was planning to do. I’ve been resistant because I do want to continue the series, but also felt I couldn’t do so with the romantically-geared ending with which I released the book.

So, I’m changing it. Rewrites are part of the novelist’s work, though it’s unusual, but not without precedent, to continue to rewrite a work already released. Tennessee Williams was infamous for it. If 12.21.12 was with a publisher, this wouldn’t be as feasible. However, I feel indie publishing allows authors like me to approach these matters in experimental and nontraditional ways. Also, doing so will allow me the flexibility I need to finally deliver a sequel to the readers who have asked for it.

I’m currently re-editing 12.21.12 and will release it in 2014 with the new (aka the original) ending. Now, will I take down the current version or replace it? That, I don’t know yet. I’m turning my writing attention in 2014 to my speculative fiction interests, and my first project in that effort will be the sequel to 12.21.12. I’ll keep y’all updated as it goes.

Your two cents appreciated: