#SneakpeakSaturday: Victoria and Dmitri discuss how to fake their deaths

“I don’t mean we’ll actually be aboard. I’ll call MI-6, tell them I’ve taken the Jaguar hostage and give them tracking info on the plane. I’ve turned traitor on you once, they won’t question my sincerity.”

“And I’ve disappeared from a plane once while cruising over the Atlantic, leaving one of their agents dead no less,” Victoria countered. “They’ll think I’ve just done it again, only this time, I taught you my little trick.”

He rubbed his chin in contemplation before his eyes tracked down to her arm. “Perhaps if we leave something behind for them to believe in.”

Rage made Victoria’s eyes wide. She drew her arm to her chest, clutching it. “Do you know how much it smarts when I lose a limb?”

“It grows back.”

She picked up a nearby newspaper and hurled it at him. “If you think it’s no big deal, I have a suggestion of one of your limbs we could sever. After your last comment, you won’t have need of one for a while.”

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