#SneakPeakSaturday: Sibling rivalry from THE GUARDIAN

Christine hooked a left, walloping his chin, bringing the taste of blood to his mouth and not for the first time. Alex distanced himself, pulled the back of hand over his lip, and discovered a red smear over his flesh.

He grimaced, revealing a mouthful of crimson-coated teeth. No worries, of course. Being a proxy was the best form of health insurance on the planet. The wound would heal in short order. His ego would take considerably longer. “Is that the best you got, sis?”

Christine assumed a warrior’s pose, her hands out front, open, ready to ball into a fist or deflect a volley. “Careful, Alex. I was laying down Order guards when you were still in your Spiderman undies.”

“Shows what you know, I still wear Spiderman undies.”

“Yeah? Tell your frog wife not to use our hand soap to clean them when I’m done beating the shit out of you.”

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