No surprise, right? But I’m guessing you’re not disappointed. Here’s another snippet from Pure Souls 2:

“But you’re the one,” Ramiel retorted. “As much as it pisses me off, you meet what was foretold of in prophecy. The fact that I think you’re about the lowest, scum-sucking, goat-kissing, disappointing f*** up this side of the end times is irrelevant. Unlike you, I bow to the will of Big Boss, whether I like it or not. And if that means I have to oversee getting you and Riona to hook up and exchange vows, then so be it. I’m going to be your personal Chuck Woolery from here until I do. Now get on your game and make her fall in love with you before Marc comes back earthside, or so help you God, you will experience a new level of pain that will make Hell look like Disneyland.”
Jerry muffled a chuckle. “Spoken like a man who’s clearly never been to Disneyland.”

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