Riona, Jerry, Dee, and Marc have a new view of the world.

Announcing the relaunch of Riona, Jerry, Dee, and Marc! Say hello to All My Exes Die From Hexes!


Now, the first question you have likely is, are these new books? No. I want everyone to understand that completely: THESE ARE NOT NEW BOOKS. They are the same books released before as the Pure Souls Series. I don’t want anyone to buy these thinking you’re getting new Pure Soul adventures. If you’re curious why this has come about, I wanted to let you know the why.

Pure & Sinful was the third book I ever released, and the Pure Souls series (four books in total, plus the series prequel), the first series I ever wrote. Through the years, I had changed covers a few times, keeping up with market trends. Last year, when I released the last book in the series, I was disappointed with its performance, and at the over all poor performance of the series as a whole. It basically boiled down to several factors I was able to identify:

  • TIME TO WRITE THE SERIES. Today’ indie authors are churning out books like crazy. Most indie authors can put out a new book every 2-3 months. However, almost 5 years passed between when I released book one and when I released book four. That meant readers often had given up on the next book, or forgotten too much of the plot from a previous installment to enjoy fully the later one.
  • COVER MISMATCH. As noted, I have changed cover several times through the years, but when I went back and looked at the last iteration, I realized there was a big disconnect between what the covers promised (they suggested gritty, dark paranormal fantasy), and what the book actually delivered (sarcastic and comedic quips punctuated with sexual tension and the occasional tender moment.) A cover is a book’s promise to the reader, and my covers weren’t keeping it. 
  • TITLE MISMATCH. When chatting with a group of writers recently about the worries I had over letting this series down, one of them wisely pointed out to me that having the term “pure” in both the series title and the first book maybe a bad choice for a series with such a high heat level. Like the cover issues discussed above, this one also invited reader in with the expectation of  certain kind of experience the book didn’t deliver on.

Despite all thi, choosing to republish the series from scratch wasn’t an easy decision. Example: Even though the later books were light on reviews, the first book had over 70 reviews on Amazon (US site), with a 4.3 average. It had never gotten a 1-star review. EVER. Do you know how rare that is? Through sales or free giveaway promotion, over the last five ears, I have moved more than 23,000 copies of Pure & Sinful, and it has NEVER HAD A ONE STAR REVIEW. So, yes, taking this step didn’t come without a lot of deliberation.

In the end, however, if I wanted to give the series one last shot at finding its audience, I had to be pragmatic. Once I understood the above issues, it became the option that made the most sense. And the only way to address the issue of lag was to pull the original books and reissue them as if new. 

So, there it is. Now, all I can do is hope that the readers who I know are out there that would enjoy the series are able to discover it. If you’ve been a Pure Souls reader, would you consider spreading the word to other readers you think may like them? The release/distribution schedule is as follows:

October 1: The Motion of the Potion
October 10: Once You Go Demon (I mean, come on, I couldn’t give up *that* name, could I?)
October 20: Hex Goddess
October 30: When Spell Freezes Over

4 Comments  to  Riona, Jerry, Dee, and Marc have a new view of the world.

  1. Good luck! Love this series!

  2. I hope it works out for you, Killian. We will all be anxious to hear how it goes.

  3. Becca says:

    The first book is not showing up on kindle. It’s not connected to the 2nd not your name. I’m going to try an individual search next. Just thought you would want to know. Whenever I find a new series i always check to see that I’m on the first book. Hopefully I find it.

    • Killian says:

      This has to be requested manually by the author, which I only had time to do just today. It should be remedied soon.

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