Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun

One of the new models we’re seeing these days with the transformation in the publishing industry is the tendency towards author-driven, cross-media distribution. I recently experimented with this myself, releasing my first novel, 12.21.12, as a serialized audiobook (aka a podiobook podcast). Another author who’s undertaking this platform is Mark Berry.

Mark’s Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun takes the practice to another level, however. Not only has Mark adopted his ebook release as an audiobook podcast (available via Podiobooks.com), his audio adoption also includes 12 original songs, written as part of the story.

Check out the trailer for Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun below. 

From Amazon:

Billy and Lindy wrestle with Oso’s untimely motorcycle death—through music. The lyrics for 12 original companion songs are developed within the story. So, this novel rocks—literally. 

When Oso gets yanked off his motorcycle and killed by a closed parking lot chain, Billy feels guilty for having taught him to hop curbs and shortcut traffic lights. Billy’s survivor’s guilt drags him down a spiral of excessive alcohol, one-night stands, body painting, and reckless driving. He’s now all too aware that life is short—play hard.

Meanwhile, Oso’s former girlfriend Lindy pours her grief into her new folk-rock album as she struggles with whether she can ever let herself love again. Can she turn this personal tragedy into something meaningful through her music?

Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun explores survivor’s guilt and grief through reckless adventure, a dozen original songs, and fiction. In short, it’s ‘sex, drunks, and rock ‘n roll.’ When you’ve lost someone you love, there are no easy answers. Know that you’re not alone in your struggle. Billy and Lindy are here.

This novel is intended for adults. It includes some graphic language, sexual situations, and questionable behavior. Recovery from intense loss is a rough road—100 miles-per-hour on two wheels with no regard for oncoming traffic, as an example.

Welcome to my world of musical fiction.
Cheers, Mark L Berry





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