PNS: Upcoming Release, Cover Reveal, and dedication page

Pure & Sinful is done! An official release date of September 19 is set. ARCs are going out, a blog tour is being organized, and God save the queen.

The cover reveal will be dropping on September 6. I’m still recruiting participants, so drop me a note if you’d like the hook up.


Because I believe this is one of the most essential pages of the book, I wanted to share with y’all the text of first page:

a note from the author:
but seriously.
i want to take a moment and put out this disclaimer. the romantic hero of this little tale is a catholic priest. no, that’s not a spoiler. you’re going to pick up on that in the first twenty pages. because of this fact, there are certain passages which include mentions of church dogma or regulations/expectations placed by the church on its clergy. please note that nothing in PURE & SINFUL is meant to be a commentary on the author’s view of religion, catholicism, or the church’s policy or history. it is not my intention to demean this faith in any way, or to call into question its practices. it is merely a story of an individual for whom these considerations have an effect, both in his own life, and in the life of those around him.
please don’t burn me in effigy.
p.s.: this book is dedicated to melissa perea, laura bradley rede, jamie mcguire, lisa sanchez, el james, laura kaye, and tina reber. i almost gave up writing for good recently. each of these incredible ladies played a part in convincing me not to.
also, i would like to acknowledge the awesomeness of my pre-readers, the editing fairy, and the ladies of the twenty-one. 

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  1. Melissa says:

    Killian… There are no words. Seriously. Is today Christmas? Because dang this is the best unexpected present ever.

    I heart you and your writing. Immensely. So glad I wrote that review!!!

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