Paper or Plastic? Where do you come down on e-readers?

I have an admission to make.

I hate books.

No, wait! Don’t jump to conclusions. Hmm, maybe let me rephrase? I hate printed books.

You see, I’m a techie. Okay, I’m not a techie in the way that I can hack into highly secure systems and force all the telephones in the Pentagon to ring at the same time, but I do like gadgets. In the last few years, as the Kindle and other eReaders have come on the market, I’ve sat back on watched as the popularity of eBooks boomed and printed sales fell. And, really, why wouldn’t you buy an eBook? They’re less expensive, more portable, you can carry hundreds with you at a time on a device that weights no more than a pound at most. No more stuffy bookshelves, frayed covers, or risqué romance covers you have to be certain the kids don’t see…

Nope, I’m an eBook fanatic. In fact, if a book is not available in an electronic format, 95% of the time these days I won’t buy it. Mind you, it does create a rather odd, secondary effect in that, as a writer, I can’t really offer to autograph a copy of an eBook. I’m sure there’s something to be done about that, and believe me, I have ideas, both low tech and high.  But I know some people still like the physical interaction with a printed novel. I simply can’t fathom the preference over the practical.

My book now comes out in less than three months. It will be released both in paper and electronic versions, both Kindle format and others. Personally, I’ll be interested to see how the sales break down.

Any of y’all joined me on the eBook bandwagon? Any of you holding out? Are there formats you prefer? Are there certain books you prefer to have paper copies for, instead of e-copies? Do you have an eReader, and what kind? Are your kids using them? Do you use them for things other than reading?

3 Comments  to  Paper or Plastic? Where do you come down on e-readers?

  1. Ronni says:

    Makes sense….I need to see about getting one of these high tech gadgets, a Kindle it is? Although, I don’t think I could do without ever reading a real book ever again. My eyes thank me when I get off the computer, that’s for sure.

  2. I too am a techie and love to download books, but I can’t kick my love of curling up with a book in my hand. The smell of a new book and the pages turned by my own fingers bring comfort to me.

    I am neveer opposed to ebooks, not at all, but I love to hold a book in my own two hands.

  3. killianmcrae says:

    I’ll admit that if I find a book truly riveting, I want it in my paper. These are few and far between. Immediately, all I can think of is The House of the Seven Gables and Les Miserables.

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