My 2014 NaNoWriMo Project: Sneak Peak

He didn’t remember deciding to move. One moment Rafael had been sitting on a stool across the room, watching Taryn strive to meet his demands, and the next, he was before her, his hands threaded through her auburn locks, his thumb sliding across her bottom lip, parting her mouth in anticipation. Later, he’d recognize this moment as the beginning, when an animal instinct roaring inside him propelled him to her, and Taryn didn’t back away.

She didn’t back away.

Rafael lowered his forehead to hers, his eyes closing as he forced his hands to his sides. “That was a very good explanation.”

She swallowed, her shaky voice belying her expressionless mask when she replied, “I didn’t say it to impress you.”

His eyes shot open, and he knew they were full of desire. He wanted to dominate her, wanted to have her here, now, and completely. He brought his nose to her neck, filling his senses with her spicy scent. Taryn did nothing, said nothing, offered nothing. She would. In the end, she’d offer him whatever he wanted, and he’d offer her everything her body needed. For now, however, she met him outwardly with indifference. Later, after he had had her, he’d offer her back the same. By then, Taryn would be ready to hand her heart to him, wrapped in gold and tied around the middle with red ribbons.

He had no use for hearts, and the last thing he wanted from her was gold. The red ribbons – now those he could put to good use.

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    Looking forward to meeting the new characters!

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