In which Killian says, “F it!”

I’ve been debating for a while shifting my blog’s focus a bit. I’ve always been told by sage guru marketers practicing their mystic voodoo that a writer’s website is a marketing vehicle only, and not to post things which deviate from that agenda. “The point is selling yourself, and selling your book.”

Selling myself, huh?

Mmmmmyyyyeeaah, I haven’t really done that. Why? Well, because I’m sort of a snarky/sarcastic/semi-annoying sort of person in real life. Believe you me, you’d get sick of me real quick. Like, within hours. Because the real me, when I’m not being snarky/sarcastic/semi-annoying, is  manic in the socializing department. I’m either full swing “Hey, you be Gale and I’ll be Oprah,” or “Well in the hell are you talking to me? Do I owe you money? No? Then leave me alone!”

But selling my books… Yeah, I’ve been trying. Because really, I do think my books are pretty damned awesome. And diverse. Diverse like the casting of an ABC teen drama. Seriously, if you read one of my romances, you’re going to swoon. You read one of my humor pieces, you’ll chuckle up a narwhal. But I somehow ended up a humble person, bordering on self-deprecating. I wasn’t raised Catholic, but I think I must have picked up guilt by osmosis along the way. I always feel like a scammer trying to convince people to feel about my books the way I do. So, I back down, I throw out a piece of news like a release or a review or an event, trying to sound excited and seductive, but what my post is really saying is, “Love me, please? Please, I think I might be worthy. No? That’s okay, I understand.”

And this blog… Yeah, it’s been pretty dry and lacking a personality before now. In the past with rare exception, I’ve only blogged about a new book coming out or some promotion or some other thing to do with sales. And frankly, that shit’s got to stop, because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s lacking a personality. My husband in fact claims I have several. Surely I can wrestle at least one up to be upfront and sincere.

So, yes, you’ll notice over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some things that aren’t my traditional spiel, particularly some stuff about self-publishing and the state of the industry. It’s an open forum here. If one of my techie posts leaves you wanting more insight into a process, let me know. If one of my opinions rubs you the wrong way, call me out. Welcome to this playground, everyone get ready to run.

4 Comments  to  In which Killian says, “F it!”

  1. Tamra says:

    I love to see an author’s personality. Especially when they are snarky and sarcastic because I am too. I am excited to see more of “you” in your posts. I try to put a little of my humor and sarcasm into the reviews I write, otherwise they don’t stand out.

  2. carol says:

    Yep. I feel you. Another snark here. You could have described me there. Lol. It’s hard to fart happy rainbows all the time and keep opinions in check. I say go for it. I’m looking forward to reading your posts

  3. Wendy says:

    YEAH!!! I think it will be fun!

  4. vigrant1 says:

    Great choice! Love the “new” focus — Vikki

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