If only, If only… I pretend to go to Comic-Con

In 2009 or 2010 (those years blend for me), I made a few sandwiches, packed up the car, and drove 10 hours south to attend my first, and to date, only Comic-Con in San Diego. I had an excuse! Several of my friends were speaking on the Twilight fan fiction panel, and there was an informal meetup of Twific writers planned. At the time, I was one of the head administrators on a Twific website, as well as an author with her first book coming out in a few months. I was looking forward to networking with readers and other authors looking to cross over from fanfiction to mainstream writing. (Keep in mind, this was pre-50, back in a time when most mainstream media thought we were a bunch of silly, desperate housewives writing dreck that would never sell in the numbers it has. Ah, memories…)

But what I went for and what came away startled me. I thought I was going to hang out, talk with people, and perhaps get a sneak peak of Megamind. And while I did all those things (except Megamind, because DAYUM that line was long), what I found was to date the best writer’s training I’ve had anywhere, and that includes experiences from several writing industry conference and classes at a top university. I often tell this to authors, and they’re all equally surprised. So, to show others just how great an opportunity this is for those who can manage the trip, I decided to put together my schedule of panels I’d have attended if I’d been able to attend Comic-Con this year. Perhaps fate and my husband will reconsider letting me go next year.


10:00 AM             Comic-Con How-To: Don’t Tell Your Story, Show It

11:00 AM             Comic-Con How-To: Point of View: What’s the point?, or
Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature

12:00 PM             Fairytale Remix

1:00 PM                Female Heroes: Then and Now

2:00 PM                Beyond Clichés: Creating Awesome Female Characters for Film, TV, Comics, Video Games, and Novels

3:00 PM                Outlander with author Diana Gabaldon, or
The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con: Positive Portrayals of Women in Pop Culture

4:00 PM                Putting the Epic in Epic Fantasy

5:00 PM                How to Kickstart your dream like a pro

7:00 PM                The scoop at Simon & Schuster, or
World building & story telling


10:00 AM             Comic-Con How-To: Anatomy of a Fight Scene, Part One

11:30 AM             Beyond the Page

1:00 PM                101 Ways to Kill a Man, or
Spotlight on Veronica Roth

2:30 PM                The Witty Women of Steampunk

4:00 PM                Brands Gone Geek: How Media and Marketers Are Harnessing the Might of the Superfan

4:30 PM                Ask an Agent!

6:00 PM                  Closing the Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Publishing Deals and Contracts

7:00 PM                What’s up with Penguin

8:00 PM                How to write a TV pilot


10:00 AM             Diversity in Genre Lit

10:30 AM             Fantastic Females: Heroines in Paranormal Fantasy

11:30 AM             Inside The Writers’ Room: Earth’s Mightiest Writers Re-Assemble

12:30 PM             Sailor Moon Official Panel*
*Okay, so this one isn’t really related to writing. It’s just a personal obsession of mine. Moon Prism Power!

1:00 PM                Future Landscapes

3:00 PM                Strong Female Characters

6:00 PM                Publishing 360: Building a Bestseller

8:00 PM                Internet Marketing Secrets for Authors







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  1. cmssrph says:

    If I was a writer, this sounds like a good plan. Except the Spotlight on Veronica Roth. Yes, I love Divergent, but I would personally have a hard time not getting kicked out of the room for yelling at her. Loudly. repeatedly. whatever…

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