I am not a Puritan, but… can you please put your tatas away?

*sigh* How I’m going to Espana this without sounding like I’m supporting the very argument I’m trying to disprove?

For years, we’ve promised our children a trip to Europe. Suddenly, it dawned on us that we were running out of time. D1 will be 17 in a few weeks, and in a year she’ll be packing her bags and moving away to college. Hence, we started making plans to see out payment on this decade-old promise. Our target, we decided, would be Spain.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been researching our itinerary. We fly into Madrid in early August, and ten days later we fly out of Barcelona. What’s happening in between, we as yet haven’t a clue.  One thing we do know we’re interested in, however, is spending some time on one of Spain’s many beaches. (Me, of course, whilst covered in 50 SPF sunblock and huddled inside our portable cabana to avoid spontaneous combustion.) Then, a few days ago, my husband turns to me and says, “Hey, aren’t those beaches in Europe full of naked people?”

My gut reaction, more born out of avoiding conflict than having any clue, was to say no. Our tickets are non-refundable, after all. But as I investigated, I sadly learned that while most of the beaches in Spain do not permit full nudity, it’s a cultural norm for woman to sunbathe topless. As a person who lives between two cultures, I know how presumptive and offensive it is to ask someone to adapt to your frame of reference for no better reason than your comfort. At the same time, I’m really upset that we might be miss out on one of Spain’s most famous attractions because we don’t like the idea of being around half-naked women. (Read this as: I don’t like the idea of my husband being on a beach surrounded by half-naked women who look better in a (well, out of) a swimsuit than I do.)

Then again, maybe this is my trigger to finally stick to my goals and dump some weight. It will be easier to know he’s going out in the world among that, if he’s coming home to something just as good from it.


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