Hop on board for the HAVE GOWN, WILL WED cover reveal

smaller HGWW prev cover

Release day is fast approaching. Just a little over three weeks, and release buzz is building. Have Gown, Will Wed starts its march down the aisle next Friday, September 13, with the cover reveal. HGWW turns a corner for me as a self-publishing enthusiast. For the first time on one of my books, I am not also the cover designer. I turned the task this time over to the incredible Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations. Sarah is garnering quite a name for herself in the indie industry, having been the mastermind behind the covers of such megahits as Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless and Abbi Glines’s Twisted Perfection. Having her agree to do a cover for little, old, nobody-me was a great honor.

Of course, the cover reveal will happen on my own site, but bloggers and other “bookies” are invited to join in. If you’d be interested in participating, the reveal event is being coordinated by A Tale of Many Review Book Tours. You may sign up via this link.

Your two cents appreciated: