GOT GOWN? It’s LIVE(r)! Special launch offer for my fans!


Cover for Killian McRae's Have Gown, Will Wed, contemporary romanceHAVE GOWN, WILL WED is now LIVE. Kinda. It’s beginning to roll out across different venues, but since both the ebook and the paperback are available on Amazon, I decided to go ahead and announce it.

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(links will be added as book rolls out across sites)
*BN: Paperback is live, NookBook pending.

LIMITED TIME LAUNCH OFFER: Pick up a copy of HGWW from anywhere in September, send me a copy of your receipt via my contact page, and I’ll drop a signed book plate and bookmark garter to you in the mail! Make sure you tell me where to send it if your address doesn’t appear in the receipt.

And remember, the greatest thing you can ever do to support an indie author (other than buying their book, and thanks everyone who does!) is to either post an online review or tell a friend.

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  1. Adriane Eek says:

    I have a receipt in email form how do I get a copy to you?

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