Give me any love story, and I’ll show you how the origin of that love story is Greek…

Hopefully you don’t mind my corruption of that famous line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I just couldn’t help myself. Especially not since I’m pleased to welcome to the blog today, a stop by my dear friend, the Sultana of Snark, the Writer of Wit, the Hexical Lexical, Lisa Sanchez.

You may already be familiar with Lisa’s other works: the paranormal shmexy-on-a-stick Hanaford Park Series (Eve of Samhain, Pleasures Untold, and the upcoming Faythe Reclaimed) or her dark semi-erotic hit, Obsessed. Now Lisa is kicking off a new, mythology-inspired series, the first release of which is Cursing Athena. For the moment, Athena is only available in soft format, but there’s rumors that a bound paperback collection may lie in the future of the series.

Check out Lisa’s site for more details, or find Cursing Athena on Amazon or BN. You can preview a little snipped below. (Note: Not suitable for young readers.)

Two weeks. It had been two fucking weeks and he still hadn’t bagged the Hirudo.Godsdammit! It had never taken him this long to track and kill a mark. Never. Ty felt a sudden tinge of remorse for riding his comrade, Lynx, so hard a century ago when he struggled to kill a leech. They were damn near impossible to track. Taking advantage of the portal Athena had opened for him, Ty had scoured Arcane’s downtown area in search of the demon. Sadly, it hadn’t taken him long to find the leech’s original host body. The forty-something female had been bled dry and dumped along the edge of the Fortuna River, her body a mere husk of its former self. The parasite had jumped, which meant it could be anywhere—anyone. His best move…shit…his only move at that point was to troll the local hotspots with the hope of catching the underworld douche as it preyed upon hapless souls. Not exactly the scenario he’d hoped for when he set out to destroy the soul-sucking demon, but one he’d have to live with. Eager to bag the demon and move on, Ty had instructed Ren and Pyro, two of his warrior brothers who weren’t currently on missions of their own, to fan out and patrol the downtown area in search of the wayward soul-sucker. The sooner they bagged the insatiable killer, the better. The longer the demon roamed free, the more likely it was a mortal would discover the killings were supernatural. Humans were much easier to manage when they didn’t know the ugly truth of what went on around them. Ty scoured the northeastern corner of the city from the financial district all the way to the dive bars located on Tycho Street and came up empty-handed. There’d been no sign of the demon, which was both a blessing and a curse. No dead bodies meant the trail was cold. While he didn’t relish the idea of the creature feeding off innocent souls, the only way to track the damned thing was to follow its trail of carnage.Determined to nab the bottom-feeder, Ty rolled into Masquerade, a popular nightclub located just south of Arcane’s financial district. Ignoring the wide-eyed stares and muffled gasps as he walked by, he situated himself at the back of the club, sitting at a table that gave him a clear view of his surroundings. Ty scanned the crowded club, a mixture of agitation and disgust gnawing at his gut. His job, his sole purpose for being was to protect mankind from the scourge of the underworld. But how was he to do his job when mankind had no interest in protecting itself? He took in the mass of sweaty, writhing bodies on the dance floor and groaned. Oblivious.Mortals were ignorant fools. Would they never learn? They pumped their bodies full of drugs and alcohol, sought fleeting pleasure through empty, nameless sex. Desperate to find something, anything, to make them feel alive, the mindless throng remained blind to the fact they were slowly killing themselves. Hedonism, debauchery—both led to ruin more often than not. For some, it would be liver damage that claimed their lives, for others, overdose. Sadder still were the unfortunate souls who lost their lives to parasitic bottom-feeders like the Hirudo because they were too fucked up from partying to realize their new friend wasn’t human.

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