E-reader selection guide, and a recipe

Hello, y’all. Hard to believe the summer is already half over, and yet so much left undone. I’m working with the publisher and gearing up for the release of “A Love by Any Measure,” currently on track for release in October. I have a couple other pending news items which I just have to wait a bit longer to share, but I’ll be so excited when I’m able to blab all about them.

I just wanted to chime in here on the blog real quick and let you know about a few things:

  • For anyone who’s become dizzy with all the tablets and e-readers hitting the market and can’t decide which one’s best, I came across an excellent article yesterday by Kyle Wagner of the Denver Post, entitled “Choosing the right e-reader can lighten the traveler’s load.” Mr. Wagner looks at ten different devices that are currently on the market and gives a break down of each one’s features, pros, cons, and price points. (As you know, I’m sold on the iPad, but it certainly has it’s limitations.) If this is something you’ve wanted to learn more about, or just need help figuring out which device suits best your needs and budget. you can find the article here. 
  • I stopped in a few days ago at Lisa Sanchez’s blog, and shared with her readers “A romance writer’s recipe for making love,” part of Lisa’s month-long Sizzling Summer Writing Extravaganza.
  • In the San Francisco area? Come hobnob with authors, writers, and artists galore (and me, for what it’s worth) at LitQuake’s LitCrawl on October 15!

That’s all for now. Hope you’re having a groovy July!

Your two cents appreciated: