DEMON release/PURE SOULS giveaway!

To celebrate the release of ONCE YOU GO DEMON, the second installment in the Pure Souls Trilogy, I’ll be giving out a free copy of Book #1, PURE & SINFUL, to 90 lucky winners. Each day in April, I’ll choose three winners, and the end of the month, five winners will receive a signed paperback copy of ONCE YOU GO DEMON. Entry is easy: just click the image on the right (if you’re reading this post on Goodreads or Facebook, visit my blog to enter). Already have a copy of PURE & SINFUL? No problem! I’ll send you ONCE YOU GO DEMON instead as soon as it goes live.

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  1. N a says:

    Ooh I loved pure and sinful it’s one of my favourite so I’d love to win once you go demon what a treat

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