Corn Family Benefit

I would like to take a moment to let you know of an undertaking with which I’ve become involved. When a man is taken from this Earth without warning and in his prime, it is a tragedy that nearly destroys the people he leaves behind. We feel powerless in the grasp of life’s inequities, and we want very much to do something that helps those most effected to cope and recover. Recently, a friend relayed to me and a few others of the passing her husband’s very good friend, Matthew Corn, at the age of 29,  leaving behind a wife, and three children all under the age of six. She wanted very much to do something that would help out the family in their time of need. As we are all authors, having a benefit for the family by offering some of our signed books for auction was the course of action that we have undertaken.

I’m not a widely read or well-known author, so it’s not likely my name in any auction lot is going to spur people to bid any large amounts, though signed copies of A Love by Any Measure and Pure & Sinful are both included in the auction. However, if you’re a fan of romance, several authors of renown are also offering their titles, including Tammara Webber, Colleen Hoover, EL James, Shelly Crane, Tracey Garvis Graves, Tina Reber, Jamie McGuire, and about thirty more. This is a massive undertaking all aimed at helping Matt’s family get through the next few months without having to worry about the costs incurred when such tragedies occur. If you are in a position to do so, won’t you consider making a bid? You can find more details at the auction site: You can also make a general donation of any amount without bidding.

Below is an excerpt from Nichole Chase’s blog post about Matt and this benefit. You can find the entirety of her post here.

Matt was not just a name to me; he was my husband’s close friend, my friend. My husband is the god father to Matt’s daughter—who is only a year old. Matt has played with my daughter, chased her around my living room, and admired her toys with her.  I knew him as someone that would drop everything to help someone and as a father that would do anything for his family. That dark Monday, the sky poured water over the grieving family, as if to weep along with them. It was such a painful, shocking thing to happen, and for most it seemed utterly unbelievable.

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