#ConvosWithD2: “I’m sick of these stupid terrorists…”

So, I debated on publishing this one. Usually my #convoswithD2 posts are humorous or light-hearted, as I relay unintentionally humorous ascertain by my younger daughter to the greater world. This one, though, I think is important.

Important to know: we’re a blended family. My husband is Muslim, I am agnostic but culturally christian. Our daughter is a practicing Muslim.

D2:  I’m so sick of this, of these horrible people who use MY RELIGION as an excuse for  THEIR EVIL. There’s nothing, nothing Islamic about them. There is no justification for this kind of disgusting destruction.

Me: Do you know the story about Muhammed and the funeral?

D2: No?

Me: It’s said there was a funeral procession passing through the center of town. When the prophet found out, he rose, went to the street, and showed his respect by standing on the street as the procession passed. When a few of his followers told him that he didn’t need to do this because the funeral was for a Jewish man, he said, “Was he not a human being?”

D2: EXACTLY. There’s a part of Quran that says killing one innocent person is the same as killing everyone. I don’t get it. I don’t get why these terrorist think what they’re doing is okay with Islam. It’s not. If that’s what they think, they really need to study their religion more.

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  1. Charity Chimni says:

    You have a very bright D2!

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