Convos with D2: Installment #2

Me: (motions to house) “We still might add to it. Especially when your dad gets back from his trip. You know how he likes to go all out on these things.”
D2: “Something tells me it’s going to involve a chainsaw.”
Me: “Why would decorating the house for Christmas involve a chainsaw?”*
D2: “I don’t know, it’s just a hunch.”
Me: “We don’t even own a chainsaw. Unless your hunch includes buying a chainsaw, it’s not going to involve a chainsaw.”
D2: “We do too have a chainsaw.”
Me: “No we don’t.”
D2: “Yes we do. It’s that thing with the orange handle.”

Me: “That’s a hedge trimmer.”

D2: (contemplates for a moment, folds her arms, slowly cocks her hip. “Something tells me it’s going to involve a hedge trimmer.”

*Officially one of the last sentences I could have ever predicted uttering.

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