Convos with D2: Holy Night of the Living Dead

D2: “So, mom, you used to be Christian. What’s the whole Easter thing about?”

Me: “In the Bible, it says that Jesus was crucified, then buried – that’s what Good Friday is about – then on Easter he rose from the dead.”

D2: “What do you mean, rose from the dead?”

Me: “Like came back to life. Like, he was dead, and buried – well, entombed technically. And then he came back to life.”

D2: “So, basically, Jesus was a zombie.”

Me: “I’m not sure that’s quite accurate.”

D2: “Didn’t you tell me once there’s a ceremony in the catholic church about drinking blood and eating flesh.”

me: “Yeah, but…”

D2: *finger jerks up to silence me* “Zombie.”

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