Convos with D2: Get over it and be a girl!

This one is more of a soliloquy (because she doesn’t require responses to have lengthy conversations), so I’ll just narrate it as it was told me. Background: This weekend, D2 went on an overnight trip with her best friend, her beat friend’s mom, and her best friend’s little sister (N.) and her friend (J.). Little sister and friend are about 11, D2 and her friend are 13.

“We stopped at this little diner type place in the little town by the rafting place for lunch. It was actually a diner with a bar, and if you wanted to use the bathroom, you had to go through the bar to get to it. So N. and J. needed to use the bathroom, and they get up to go and were only gone, like, a minute. They said they were too uncomfortable going into the bar, saying people in the bar were saying something about kids being in there alone. They wanted someone to come with them, so I said I’d take them. They got all weird again when we got to the bar part and turned to them and said, ‘Be a girl! We don’t get scared just because someone says something to us. Pick up your head, square your shoulders, and walk.’ Nobody said anything to us after that.”

My daughter is awesome.

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