Belated SWIPES

From project A:

The original plan definitely had not ended with exploding chickens. To be fair, it wasn’t like she was to blame. As a muse, it was Sybil’s job to inspire humanity. Once the seed of inspiration was planted, however, the results were out of her dainty little hands. True, she may be highly inexperienced, but she couldn’t see the harm in inspiring Jacob Matthews with the idea of having a picnic in the park. The guy spent waaaaay too much time kooked up in his basement studio apartment. His walls were painted black, for goodness sake. While Sybil appreciated the fact that meant that no dirt or grime ever showed (and a good thing too, because Jacob had never taken up on her subtle hints about cleaning a speck), it wasn’t good for the spirit. How could you have hopes of inspiring anyone to goodness or, dare she chance the thought, greatness, when their humble abode looked like a showroom for a tar paper manufacturer?

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