SWIPES took some time off while I was concentrating on the release of PURE & SINFUL. By the way, have you seen the book trailer?

But, anywho… I’m busily at work on Pure Souls Book #2, and offer for SWIPES this week a little tease from that work. Enjoy:

Jerry couldn’t help it. Perhaps it was still part of his nature, carried over from his demon incarnation, not to hesitate when an impulse fired. Riona’s eyes went wide when he struck out his hand across the way and turned her chin in his direction. He held her there, at arm’s length, fueling all his desire in to his expression. “The only insane thing in all this is how much I loved you, even when I was damned. And how much I still love you now.”

“You can’t love when you’re a demon. Ramiel said so.”

“Yeah?” He released her chin and leaned back against the seat. “Try it sometime.” 

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