4 days until WITH GOD INTENTIONS! Get your friends reading!

We all know someone. A fellow book geek, a romance reader, or urban fantasy fanatic who has yet to discover the Pure Souls series. I know, know… Times are hard, dollars are short, and options are plentiful. But let’s make it a little easier, shall we? After all, when Dee, Riona, Marc and Jerry hit the virtual book racks this week, we NEED sympathizers. We need people in our lives who know, yes, Jerry is a jerk, but he’s a very sexy jerk. That Dee is such a great guy, if only he’d get over his past. That Marc can’t really be all that bad just because he’s a demon now, right? And, damn, did you see that ending coming? What does it all mean, and WHEN DOES BOOK FOUR COME OUT!?

That’s why I’ve marked down both Pure Souls books AND made them available on BN and Smashwords this weekend. I will also be certain that WITH GOD INTENTION is available on all three venues when it releases on Wednesday, but for a limited time. After about a week, it will only be available on Amazon. So don’t miss this chance, and don’t forget to share news of the sale with the UF/PNR reader in your life.


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