12.21.12: The Remix

I remember it like it was 1993. Garth Brooks, country star internacionale, boldly stated in his live shows while singing his uber-hit, “Friends in Low Places” (and I’m paraphrasing here):

You know, sometimes you can record a song, send it out the radio stations, have it become a big hit everyone knows, and it’s only then, you realize it was wrong.

He would then proceed to sing the first verse of the song with slightly more bitting lyrics involving homage paid to someone’s posterior, and the crowd went wild..

So it is with a novel. It’s rare that a writer gets the opprotunity to retune a book after it’s been released, but I’ve been fortunate to do just that. In October 2011, the 2nd edition of 12.21.12 will be released in electronic format (paper format to follow in November), and the re-release has provided me a chance to fine tune and rewrite a few sections. While the orignal end is, on its head, no different, the route taken to get to the destination has been altered slightly. In fact, a key factor of the plot’s resolution has been changed. And the first question will be: Why?

I had never originally planned to write a sequel to 12.21.12, but it appears as though Shep and Christine Smyth, Alex Cezanne, Dmitri Kronastia and Victoria Kent simply were not done with me. And more precisely, Isis’ son Horus demanded retribution. So, I’m happy to announce that you can expect the sequel of 12.21.12 in December 2012. The first book, then, picks up a few threads that will lead readers into the sequel. “So, we run out and buy your first edition, and now you expect us to buy a second edition just so we can see the changes?” And my answer is, of course not. I believe that would be underhanded of me. I want to assure you of two things: 1. If you are unaware of the differences put into the 2nd edition, it will have little to no effect on your ability to follow the second, and 2. I will post to my blog after release the differences between the two versions.


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