12.21.12: New Edition Coming

A few weeks ago, I posted on my author page on Facebook that I was considering tinkering with 12.21.12 a little more. The reason is simple: readers want more. The execution, however, is a little more detailed. Those interested in the back story, read below. If you just want to know what I’m getting at, skip down to And so…

In brief, here’s the what-for: 12.21.12 was my first published novel. At the time I was writing it, the publisher with whom I was working only published romance. Hence, in submitting the manuscript for their approval, I substituted the original ending I had planned for the book, with one more tailored to the romance genre. In editing, the romantic resolution was honed to be in line with those expectations even more. When I republished 12.21.12 under my own brand almost a year later, I was simultaneously releasing another novel, and didn’t have enough time to make the major changes I wanted to in order to revert the ending back to its original science fiction/speculative fiction design. (Though if you were a reader back then, you know that I did make minor changes at that time.)

Since then, I’ve just left that book more or less alone. Yet, of all my works, it is the one people contact me about most consistently to see if I have any plans to continue the Altunai series as I once planned. I’ve really wanted to, but the series needed the original ending in order to continue the way I had planned. I debated, after nearly three years and with thousands have listened to the book on iTunes or read it, if rewriting the end at this point was practical or advisable. I didn’t want to cut off my literary nose to spite my face. In the end, what I decided was that it came down to two choices: leave it as is and ignore the readers asking for more, or deliver something for those readers eager for more of the Altunai world and hope those upset with the change in the ending understood why I decided to go this nontraditional route.

And so… A new edition of 12.21.12 will be available sometime around December 15, with a slightly expanded title: 12.21.12: The Vessel. Amazon will send out notices to those who purchased it notifying them that a new edition is available for download shortly thereafter. If you don’t want the updated version, just ignore that notice. I understand that some of you may have bought the epub or have read the paperback, and sadly I cannot replace those. (Starting in late December and for the foreseeable future, my ebooks will only be available through Amazon.) However, the new edition will be free on Amazon on December 19, and I invite you to download a copy at that time. You can convert Kindle Books to ePub or PDF formats using the simple steps described here.  

The free audiobook will remain up for a little while longer, but I will be rerecording it and have it available as soon as I can with the new material. At such time, I will remove the free edition from iTunes and Podiocast.

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  1. dwharton1 says:

    Hi Killian, I am a reviewer and subscribe to your blog. I received you email today and you stated your book would still be available for free until December, but I have not been able to find it. It sounds very interesting to me and before you have changed it I would be interested in reading the existing version and then read the new version.

    For this I would be happy to give you an honest review at Amazon, Audible and Goodreads and wherever else you would like.


    Donna/BookTiger 😀

  2. Kim Raye says:

    I wish I had MORE time in the day (said every single person living on the globe we know as earth) because I fully intend on reading every.single.one of your masterpieces 🙂

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