“12.21.12” (2nd Edition) and “A Love by Any Measure” Kindle releases!

I’m as pleased as spiked punch to announce that, as of today, both “A Love by Any Measure” and “12.21.12” have become available in the Kindle Store! (clicking on the above covers will take you their sites on Amazon.)
Of course, for those who prefer paper, “A Love by Any Measure” is also available now through most book sellers. For those who still prefer not to buy online, you can special order through any brick-and-mortar shop by providing them with the Name, Author, and ISBN. Print versions of “12.21.12” will also be available sometime in November, and I’ll pass long word when that happens. Both books will also be coming soon to the Nook Store, iBookstore, and Sony eReader store, as well as several other smaller venues. 
It’s been a stressful and challenging process getting two books through the publishing process for about the same release time. I won’t lie: I’m looking forward to a little respite this week before NaNoWriMo hits on November 1. A fond thank you to everyone who’s supported me in these more recent endeavors!

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