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12.21.12: The Vessel  has been described by readers as a romance, a science fiction adventure, an alternative historical, and a mythic epic – but what else can you say for a book that includes Cleopatra, modern day London, Mayan folklore and the Russian mafia?

The key to saving the future is decoding the past. The key to decoding the past is saving the future. 
Also available now in audio, on  Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

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Book Two in the Altunai Annals, THE GUARDIAN, will be release in Summer 2016.

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  1. julie says:

    got the book free on kindle and just finished and it was wonderful, the twists had me very confused but loved every minute of it, hopefully there is another one!!!

  2. jon says:

    Love love loved it. Thank you so much

    • jon says:

      Actually listened o n podiobooks and you read it wonderfully, when can we expect season 2, 3 or more please. ps I will also buy the book format soon, I assume it’s available on amazon. Thanks again you made my week

      • Killian says:


        Glad to hear you liked it. There are a few shorts coming out related to the book in the next few months (one is, and has been for sometime, live). They are listed as THE TWELVE: ALTUNAI SUBSETS. A sequel titled THE GUARDIAN will release in the late summer.

        I should advise you, however, that the current edition of the book for sale on Amazon, BN, etc., is not the same as what you listened to on the podiocast. I rewrote a significant portion of the book, including most notably a different ending, and republished the book about a year ago. If you were interested in getting a print copy of the edition you read, I have a significantly limited number of them on hand still.

  3. SheriZ says:

    I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of The Vessel, and I’ve been looking (unsuccessfully) for a definition of the word, “Altunai.” Is this something you created, a true historical entity, science fictional entity, or all of the above?

    If the answer is revealed deeper into the book, that’s ok, but I might suggest you not wait so long to explain new terms like this in future books. Rather than focusing on what comes next, every time I see the word I distracted by trying to figure out what it means–hence, stopping halfway through to look it up!

    I’m enjoying the book, obviously, & I’m glad to see you have more ahead.

    Best wishes

    Sheri Z

    • Killian says:

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I see you wrote this comment a few days ago, and I’ve now seen it. Apologies for the delay. In case you haven’t yet read ahead, Altunai is an adjective, describing the people of Altunatus. I created both terms, though I vaguely crafted “Altunatus” from “alt” (Turkish for lower; my academic work was in Turkish history) and “natus” (a latin derivation for the noun meaning birth), and also to resemble the name of Atlantis.

  4. Nickie says:

    Looking forward to The Guardian on audiobook.

  5. Solid Granite says:

    Killian, are you planning to narrate any more of your books? Your lovely voice and characterizations bring the stories an extra depth that simply isn’t available through the written word.

    I’ve listened to the Podiobooks version of 12.21.12 a number of times, and am curious about the changes you made to the revised version…or is the Podiobooks version the amended one?

    Have a wonderful and productive 2017!

    Solid Granite

    • Killian says:

      Not in the foreseeable future. I did love doing 12.21.12, but it took LOTS and LOTS of time. Right now, my schedule just won’t allow for it, but thanks for your kind words. I have, however, had several of my other books produced for audio (by readers much better than myself).

      • Solid Granite says:

        I’ll search for audio versions of any of the Altunai books that follow 12.21.12… And don’t be overly modest about your reading/narration skills. You have a delightful voice, and you did an excellent job. Hopefully someday your schedule will free up some time for you to record another of your books. But regardless, thank you for sharing the gift of your writing and narrating in 12.21.12. 🙂

        • Killian says:

          Sorry to confuse. There are no other Altunai books.

          • Solid Granite says:

            I hope you meant to add “yet” to that statement! Surely you aren’t going to “shelve” Shep Smith, “Victoria”, the “gods and goddesses” and all the wonderful characters you developed in 12.21.12??? You’ve mixed the batter for a wonderfully delicious cake…but you don’t plan on baking it? Please tell me you’re just on hiatus…lie to me if you must…but don’t throw away what you’ve already created! 😉

          • Killian says:

            I’ve gone another direction, writing urban fantasy. I want to believe I’ll come back to the Altunai sometime, but I can’t say for certain.

  6. deb says:

    I cannot find The Guardian or either of Subset books. Where can they be purchased?

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