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Announcing the Re-Release of

The Start-Up Bride* 

Want to know why I re-released this work under a new title and a different pen name? Curious what the difference is between the re-release and the original? I answer those questions here.

Rosalind Betters doesn’t need a man, she needs a groom. Love wasn’t on her calendar, but when her newly-engaged friend pitches her on the growth potential married life holds, she decides to invest.  Within days, the venue is booked, the date is set, and everything is ready to go. The only thing missing is someone to balance out the altar. Where else would an entrepreneur go to fill a high-level vacancy than to San Francisco’s best headhunter?

When Xavier Hommes is approached by the charming CEO of BetaHouse, he’s intrigued but hesitant. Until Rosalind offers him an exclusive contract to staff her rapidly expanding start-up, and he’s hooked. It doesn’t take long, however, for Xavier to think he might be the perfect candidate. Only, you can’t seduce your biggest client and expect to stay in business, can you?

As Rosalind homes in on her choice of groom, Xavier is forced to walk a delicate line between passion and professionalism, hoping to win the hand and the heart of the Start-Up Bride.

*This book was previously released as Have Gown, Will Wed.